Rugg Valley, like most successful small businesses in Vermont, has to be diversified to include a wide variety of skill sets and offerings. The range of our services we include but are not limited to are snow plowing, care-taking, shrub and ornamental tree pruning, restoring old fruit trees, rebuilding old farm walls, vegetable gardens, and wreaths. Our primary function, however, is as a design/build/maintain landscape company.

All Services At a Glance

Lawn Care
Tree/Shrub Pruning
Field Mowing
Vegetable Gardens
Full Installation
Stone work
Tree/Shrub Planting
Rebuilding Old Walls
Upgrading Landscapes
Expanding existing Landscapes
Full Size Prints
Hand Crafted Renderings
Other Services
Care taking
Household Garbage Removal
Plowing / Sanding
Carpentry and Renovation
Subcontractor Supervision

Rugg Valley’s owner and designer, Mark Wright graduated from Cornell with a degree in Landscape Architecture and has been designing and installing landscapes for the last 40 years. He encourages participation in the design process from the rest of the staff, and we are all essentially involved in the design process whether it is a decision about how to layout the striping on a lawn, the arrangement of a perennial bed, or the curve of a wall we are building. We often have group meetings to discuss our progress on projects. Our work has often been described as understated, which we think complements the Vermont lifestyle.




Keeping your property looking first rate all the time.